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Syndhania Sheets

We export high quality syndhania sheets.
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
  • Square Syndania Sheets
Square Syndania Sheets

Square Syndania Sheets

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Pack Size1075 mm x 1225 mm
Thickness3-100 mm
Max Withstanding Temperature350 Deg C
We offer quality syndhania sheets for different packaging requirements of our clients. These are produced from carefully selected and treated raw asbestos fibers and special grades of cement. Various special properties of the material are obtained by maintaining precision control of the blend, rate of mixing, addition of predetermined quantities of water and chemicals and then compressing the mix into sheet form under high pressure condition. These syndhania sheets are then kept for maturing for several weeks under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. Our range of industrial syndhania sheets and boards are a versatile material that combine distinctive properties such as high arc resistance, non-rusting, good alkali resistance, low thermal conductivity and have following

features :
  • ability to withstand high frequencies
  • high strength even at high temperatures
  • extremely hard wearing, which results in long life and infrequent replacement * smooth machineability without splitting or chipping
  • good thermal stability at high temperature
  • low contact thermal shock, which eliminates fracture in items like glass components
  • suitability as fire check barriers
  • non-metallic thus controlling problem of induced currents
  • availability in high thickness blocks of upto 75mm leading to convenient manufacturing of components
  • high temperature resistance
  • good anti-tracking properties
  • easy fixing by fasteners or adhesives

we offer syndhania sheets in two grades, viz. - untreated and treated. Untreated untreated sheets are available in the following grades: *hd-31 its is a general purpose sheet, which is suitable for most of the required applications. *hd-35 hd-35 is a special grade syndhania sheet made for specific applications. These are manufactured only against order. treated sheets untreated grade has high water absorption, which can result in unsatisfactory electrical insulation if used in situations where such water absorption can occur. In this case silicone resin impregnated materials (sr grade) are recommended, which eliminates the necessity of coating the edges with varnish after cutting. Silicone resin has been chosen due to its higher operating temperature in comparison to other available resins. Sr grade does not replace hd grades but is useful in applications where superior electrical properties are required such as in arc chutes and barriers for h. V. Air break switchgear. Sr grade is available in thickness range of 3. 2 mm to 38 mm. We can also supply other grades like oil impregnated or bitumen impregnated on request.


  • the special properties of syndhania sheets lead to to their uses and applications in numerous diverse areas. Some of these applications include:
  • as spacer strips and end packing blocks in distribution transformers
  • as arc chutes and deflector plates on air-break circuit breakers, contractors and fuse gear
  • as core plates in foundries and in furnaces
  • for insulation of heated platens of presses
  • for insulation of coils, as top plate or support blocks in induction furnaces
  • as guide strips or splash boards in handling of molten metals on hot castings \
  • for the control and extinction of electric arcs
  • for handling and transferring hot glass components in the moulding area, and conveyor systems
  • for production of jigs, dies, moulds, guides, buffer strips, tubes, rods and other machined components
  • for transportation of hot metal and pot line insulation in the aluminum industry * as fire barriers or fire check doors.

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